Qualcomm’s new chipsets support ANC and voice assistant for entry-level devices




The Qualcomm QCC514x and QCC304x SoCs are chipsets that will support Qualcomm’s TrueWireless Mirroring—a technology that sees to improve connections between earbuds.

The chips will also feature Active Noise Cancelation. This would mean, in the future, more affordable earbuds can have ANC.

And of course, Qualcomm promises that the new chipsets use less power, thus, improving battery life for devices.

The QCC514x will provide “always listening” to devices. So, if you’ve got this feature enabled, you can just call out to Google and it will provide its assistance. The QCC304x is aimed for more entry-level devices, and so wouldn’t support the always listening mode. Instead, it will rely on buttons to enable voice assistant.

On paper, it sounds like these new Qualcomm chipsets are going to shakeup the entry-level smartphone market by introducing ANC and voice assistant. It’s going to be an interesting future for smartphones.