New Apple update includes added mouse and keyboard support


apple mouse

The iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 update includes new features, including a revised Mail app toolbar, iCloud Drive Folder Sharing, nine new ‘Memoji’ stickers, an option for Siri to be listening always, and a few more.

But one update from the iPad OS 13.4 seems to be more interesting than others (at least for me) is the added mouse and keyboard support.

Mouse support functions like a desktop or a laptop, with some Apple pizzazz of course. But the elements and function are practically the same. The update also supports third-party Bluetooth and USB mice and keyboard and are not limited to Apple’s own Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad.

Along with the update is what Apple calls Universal Purchases, which sees to link together all of Apple’s OS, including macOS and tvOS. This would also allow developers to offer bundled promos.