Dethroning the “Corona”: Here’s What You Can Do

Published March 24, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

covid care

With the enhanced community quarantine in effect, social platforms, like TikTok, provide a great avenue to stay connected with the rest of the world. Here are digital ways you can do to fight the new coronavirus:

Get Informed

Access to accurate and timely information is our first line of defense. TikTok created a special page within the platform for you to know the Things About About Coronavirus. These include advisories and preventive measures to protect yourself with the help of the World Health Organization. There’s also a special section called Mythbusters to debunk fallacies about the virus and fight misinformation.

Wash Hands Properly

Because Singing “Happy Birthday” twice for handwashing is pretty much outdated, users and creators on the platform are using their favorite songs for the full, clinically-approved 20 seconds of handwashing!

Earlier this March, the Ghen Cô Vy (English Version) was released in response to a recent PSA from Vietnam which has turned coronavirus caution into a grooving choreography to inspire hand sanitation.

TikTok users are joining the #HandwashTunes challenge to encourage people across the globe to wash hands the right way.

Spread the Good

In these challenging times, the things that we should spread right now are Love, Hope and Positivity! TikTok users from around the globe is taking part in the hashtag challenge #LoveInTheTimeOfCorona and you should, too! Get inspired with this video. (Edgard Hilario)