Taguig City issues implementing rules on social distancing measures

Published March 17, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Dhel Nazario

The Taguig City Government issued on Tuesday a set of implementing guidelines on its social distancing measures and enhanced community quarantine for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) prevention, control, and management intervention effective 12:00 a.m. on Wednesday.


According to the guidelines, all public and private offices, business establishments, stores, and offices shall be closed.

Those that will remain open are public markets, supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores, hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies and drug stores, water-refilling stations, manufacturing and processing plants of basic food products and medicines;

Banks, money transfer services, power, energy, water and telecommunication supplies and facilities, sari-sari stores, hardware stores, medical facilities, pawn shops, payment and remittance centers, gas stations, burial and crematory services (provided that funeral services, viewing, and wakes are strictly prohibited), food preparation, and takeout and delivery services of restaurants and other eating establishments;

Business process outsourcing companies (BPOs) may be allowed to operate provided that workers are provided with on-site accommodations; media outlets, provided that proper notice procedures from the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) are complied with, and others as may be determined by the City Government.

The city said that establishments that are allowed to remain open are required to post in a conspicuous space within their area, social distancing measures as recommended by the Department of Health (DOH), such as, but not limited to, practicing one-meter distance from each other, scheduling of personnel, and others.

Moreover, there should be a continuous observance of temperature monitoring, usage of masks and gloves, and advisory checking issued by the city.

Establishments that are allowed to remain open but fail to implement proper social distancing measures will face sanctions and may be closed by the city.


Individuals shall be prohibited and discouraged from loitering in any public or private place from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

The only individuals exempted from the curfew are hospital personnel, lying-in/clinic workers and other health-related personnel, and ambulance drivers; those involved in the delivery of basic and health services (such as food and medicines), disaster preparedness and response, and other performance of essential services; all businesses and establishments exempted for closure; security and essential building personnel; peace and order and public safety personnel in national, city, and barangay levels; and disaster and medical emergency cases.

“This is without prejudice to further classifications of workers who may be allowed to travel, to be determined by the city government. In all cases the person must present a valid company ID or certificate of employment to prove his or her qualification for the exemption,” the memorandum from Mayor Lino Cayetano read.

Restriction of mobility

In connection with Monday night’s announcement of an enhanced community quarantine, the operation of all mass public transportation is suspended.

All individuals in the city are required to stay inside their homes and those found outside their homes will be required to go and stay home, and that in the event that they resist instructions to go home, shall be subject to legal sanctions.

Movement shall be limited to accessing basic necessities while provision for food and essential health services shall be regulated. Uniformed personnel shall be deployed to enforce quarantine procedures.

Business establishments are enjoined to implement work-from-home arrangements, and for establishments that are allowed to stay open, management should provide transportation for their personnel, so long as 50 percent of the load capacity of vehicles is maintained.

The movement of essential goods within, to, and from the City of Taguig shall be unhampered, while the travel of uniformed personnel for official business, especially those transporting medical supplies, laboratory specimens related to COVID-19, and other humanitarian assistance, shall be allowed.

The operations of public utilities shall not be restricted; and the city will deploy transportation services at key checkpoints to transport emergency and health personnel to their respective duties, as may be necessary.