Philips DreamStation Go with Heated Humidifier improves travel for sleep apnea patients

Philips DreamStation Go Photo 1

Royal Philips introduced the DreamStation Gowith Heated Humidifier – its smallest and lightest ultra-portable positive airway pressure (PAP) device designed to simplify travel for patients living with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). The DreamStation Go with HeatedHumidifier is an ultra-portable water-based humidifier that can use drinking water or potable water (where applicable) or bottled water for added convenience. This eliminates the need for the patients to pack or search for distilled water.

At half the size of Philips’ previous generation devices, the DreamStation Go with Heated Humidifier delivers the same clinically proven performance and comfort, for reliable, convenient therapy on-the-go. It adds to the capability of the previous DreamStation Go model by adding a heated humidifier component similar in function to full-sized DreamStation models.

“In the Philippines, 46% of Filipinos do not get enough sleep, while 32% said they sleep for less than six hours1. Globally, over 100 million people suffer from Sleep Apnea Syndrome , many of whom rely heavily on PAP therapy to improve their quality of life. For them, travelling with a sleep therapy device can be a cumbersome experience. When patients do not receive proper therapy, they can experience immediate recurrence of sleep disordered breathing with similar frequencies to that of pre-treatment ,” said Ashwin Chari, Country Manager, Philips Philippines.“The DreamStation Go with Heated Humidifier model is traveller-friendly and ensures that patients can enjoy the best possible night’s sleep no matter where they are,”he said.

“The DreamStation Go with Heated Humidifier offers convenience without compromise,” said Rodel Francisco, Sleep and Respiratory Care Country Manager, Philips Philippines. “It fits easily into a suitcase and comes with a built-in power supply to helpreduce the number of components to pack. Its innovative 12mm micro-flexible tubing is also Philips’ smallest and lightest ever and allows for improved mobility during sleep. Although users can also choose to use the 15mm and 22mm tubing with the DreamStation Go range.”

The DreamStation Go with Heated Humidifier is compatible with tap (where applicable), bottled or distilled water. DreamStationGo with Heated Humidifier’s compatibility with masks from other PAP modelsgives users the freedom to bring and use their preferred mask even when travelling.It complies with international aviation standards for in-flight use, so users can keep up with therapy even when taking an extended or red-eye flight.

Other features aimed at improving convenience for users include water-saving technology designed to manage the device’s water usage evenly throughout the night, preventing dryness caused by water running out and an optional battery, which provides approximately 13 hours of therapy.Further, for added safety precaution, it is also Philips’ first heated humidifier to offer automatic heater plate shutdown. Beyond travel, the DreamStation Go with Heated Humidifier is also sturdy enough to serve as the daily PAP device for users, even at home.
The DreamStation Go range is available in either a fixed-pressure continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or an auto-titrated APAP model. Both options are Bluetooth-enabled for seamless data transmission to Philips’ EncoreAnywhere and Care Orchestrator cloud-based patient management systems for clinicians.

Learn more about the DreamStation Go with Heated Humidifier here.

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