Mayors agree on partial lockdown on travel between Davao, Tagum cities

Published March 16, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Warren Elijah Valdez

DAVAO CITY – Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte and Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon agreed on imposing a partial lockdown on all the entry and exit points between their two cities effective 7 p.m., Sunday, March 15.

Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte (Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)
Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte (Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)

Duterte issued Executive Order No. 11 on Sunday, ordering to implement a partial lockdown in Lasang checkpoint of Davao City.

She said in an interview with Davao City Disaster Radio 87.5 FM on Sunday, that the “locked” area will be the Lasang checkpoint, which is the area between Tagum and Davao City.

“There are circumstances between Tagum and Davao City that need action, which is why we are imposing a lockdown,” mayor Duterte said.

The EO states that all public and private vehicles from Tagum City are prohibited from entering the city.

All vehicles coming from Tagum that will pass through Davao City while en route to their final destination will be escorted in groups to the border checkpoint where they will exit.

“This will only be allowed within 24 hours from the effectivity of this EO. Valid IDs will be required for verification,” the EO states.

The EO said no vehicle coming from Tagum City will be allowed to pass thru Davao City anymore after 24 hours from the EO’s effectivity.

Persons working in Davao City, but who reside outside the city will be required to present their IDs at the checkpoints. The EO further stressed that residents of Tagum City, who are working in Davao City, will not be allowed to go to their workplaces.

Supply chain vehicles or delivery vehicles are allowed to enter the city, but only after the driver and helper are subjected to temperature check. However, the driver and helper are not allowed to leave their vehicles while loading or unloading their cargo inside the city.

The EO also said vehicles are authorized to pass thru or enter Davao City. Road blocks will also be established after 24 hours of the EO’s effectivity.

“Passengers and drivers of exempted vehicles will be subjected to temperature checks before entering Davao City,” it added.

Meanwhile, patients who are in need of medical attention such as dialysis, chemotherapy, rehabilitation and other services at any Davao hospital must show proof of this medical service that they are receiving, including receipt, doctor’s request, medical certificate, and other proof.

“Other essential matters not covered in the listed exemptions may be allowed with the clearance from the TF COVID Command Center,” the EO added.