House passes 179 measures on third reading in the past 54 session days

Published March 16, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Charissa Luci-Atienza

Before Congress went on seven weeks-long Lenten break, the House of Representatives has passed a total of 179 measures on third and final reading, seven of which were signed into law, since July 22, 2019.

House of the Representatives (Facebook/ MANILA BULLETIN)
House of the Representatives (Facebook/ MANILA BULLETIN)

House Majority Leader and Leyte 1st district Rep. Martin Romualdez disclosed that the Lower Chamber processed a total of 1,279 measures from July 1, 2019 to March 11, 2020 or an average of 24 measures per day.

He noted that during the 54 session days from July 1, 2019 to March 11, 2020, the Lower Chamber received a total of 7,421 measures and 298 committee reports.

Of these, 6,590 are bills and 831 are resolutions, the House leader said.

Romualdez, chairman of the House Committee on Rules, thanked his colleagues for their “admirable worth ethic” and “for a job well done.”

“As we go on our regular break, let me commend my colleagues in the 18th Congress for a job well done. We could not have performed such an unprecedented feat without the help of each and every Member of the House of Representatives,” he said.

“The work ethic of this Congress is truly admirable. Under the leadership of Speaker Cayetano, your Representatives performed beyond the call of duty to help President Rodrigo Duterte fulfill his promise to our people,” Romualdez said.

Romualdez, the president of the Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats (CMD) party and of the Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa), cited the chamber’s unprecedented 63-percent public satisfaction rating in the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

“Not only did our leader, Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano, get the highest increase among government officials. The House of Representatives has finally regained the public and now ranks as one of the most satisfactory government institutions,” he said.

He attributed the chamber’s 63-percent public satisfaction rating to the passage of 93 bills on third and final reading from July 22, 2019 to December 18, 2019.

It registered a jump of more than 417 percent compared to the same period in the previous 17th Congress, he said.

He noted that 18 measures were passed in the 17th Congress from July 25,
2016 to December 15, 2016.

“During the same period, the 18th Congress posted a 300 percent increase on measures approved on second reading with the passage of 44 bills compared to 11 measures approved by 17th Congress,” according to Romualdez.

There were also 293 referred resolutions or 46 percent-increase, 175 approved measures or a jump of 178 percent, and 900 bills processed or an increase of 180 percent during the 18th Congress compared to the 17th Congress covering the same period, he added.

The House leader cited that the 18th Congress also registered 304 percent-increase in the total number of committee reports filed with 186 compared to 46 in the 17th Congress during the first six months.

He said a ten-percent increase in the total number of bills filed was also registered during the first year of the 18th Congress with a total of 5,889 measures filed compared to 5,360 bills in the same period of the 17th Congress.

“What warms our hearts is the fact that all these hard work did not go unnoticed by our people. For the first time ever, a huge majority of our constituents gave a big thumbs up to the work performed by the House of Representatives,” Romualdez said.

Romualdez noted that since the 18th Congress opened on July 22, 2019, Congress approved seven measures of national significance, which President Duterte signed into law.

These include RA 11462 or Postponing the May 2020 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections (BSKE) and resetting these twin polls to December 5, 2022; RA No. 11463 or Establishing Malasakit Centers in all Department of Health (DoH) Hospitals; RA No. 11464 or Extending the Availability of the 2019 Appropriations to December 31, 2020 to ensure the continuity of government’s priority
infrastructure projects; RA No. 11465 or the P4.1-trillion national budget; RA No. 11466 or the Salary Standardization Law 5; RA No. 114667 or the Sin Tax law which imposes additional excise taxes on alcohol, heated tobacco products (HTPs) and vape products; and RA No. 114667 or Designating the Third Sunday of November Every year as the National Day for Road Crash Victims, Survivors and their Families.