Meet the team behind GuideM: Real-world cybersecurity training

Published February 26, 2020, 2:56 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

Renzon Cruz, Co-Founder of GuideM | Sr. Cybersecurity Consultant

This is an era where almost everything is connected to the internet. Things like IoT come into play where everyone is happy with the diverse development of technology, and yet, not everyone realizes the risk of it. Companies, big or small, are often breached as hackers continue to improve, finding new ways to break into a system. Everyone wants to jump into this career path and yet, don’t know where and how to start. There are boot camp trainings offered in the Philippines, but most of these are too expensive that an average person cannot afford. Not to mention the quality of training with mostly filled with theoretical concepts and no hands-on activities that will cater to the learnings during the discussion.

Being in the tech industry for a number of years now makes this writer wonder what’s next. One thing an average adult would consider is helping the community like sharing of ideas online or tech forums or even conduct live classes or seminars as a new passion. This would be a good idea and soon, time would approach so fast that we will not even notice the impact we are giving to the community. Especially to the folks who
are with us since from the start.

Mark Ian Secretario, Co-Founder of GuideM | Sr. Penetration Tester Consultant

This what rooted our group’s humble beginning. It started from a group chat consisted of IT professionals from different fields ranging from Network Engineers, System Admins, and Security Engineers to IT Helpdesks and Technical Support. We are all passionate when it comes to sharing of ideas, from our industry experiences that deals with our careers up to personal life advice and inspirations. After being in the group for a while, we decided to move forward and create an organization that focuses on Cybersecurity.

GUIDEM was born on mid-September of 2019 under the helm of Ian Secretario and this writer, both senior security consultants together with five other founders – Rodel Lemit, John Kim Luna, Richard Mamaril, Shekinah Ramos and Micko Espanillo – with the sole purpose of providing real-world cybersecurity training. There are all currently in the cybersecurity field and our goal is to help people jumpstart their career in this realm with continuous mentorship within an elite community.

GUIDEM takes pride in producing quality cybersecurity courses which are comprehensive, hands-on and highly technical. Our courses are intensively crafted from beginner to advanced which aims to equip skills and practical knowledge that is up to date. Courses offered includes our very popular, Ethical Hacking: Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) and the newly launched Cyber Defense & Threat Hunting. Now, we are about to launch four additional courses this year to address the skills gap in specialized security domains like Web Application Security, Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis and Intermediate Penetration Testing.

GUIDEM is not just a training entity that helps individuals reach their dream careers. They are dedicated to help the country spread the cybersecurity awareness program to our fellow Filipinos. In our next tech write-up, we will focus more on helping our countrymen be educated on how to use the internet in the safest way possible. (Renzon Cruz)