Former KJC official tagged as mastermind behind charges vs Quiboloy

Published February 9, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Raymund Antonio 

A ranking official of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC) has unmasked the alleged mastermind behind the move to destroy the reputation of its founding leader and evangelist Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.


KCJ Chief Administrator Ingrid Canada accused her own brother Gregorio Canada and his family as those behind the smear campaign against Quiboloy.

“We have reasonable grounds to believe that he and/or his immediate family are in connivance with some people who are out to demolish the reputation of our beloved pastor,” said Canada in a statement.

Quiboloy, the self-proclaimed “Appointed Son of God,” is facing complaints of rape, child abuse, and human trafficking in the United States, which Canada said, was filed before the court after the departure of Greg and his family from the KJC in September 2019.

Canada, who is also Quiboloy’s close aide, said Greg had left the KJC during the time when the finances of Jose Maria College, which was headed by his wife, and Apollo Air, headed by his son-in-law, were subjected to audit.

Canada cited the cases against KJC leaders in California, United States were also filed a few months after they had left the KJC and the “witnesses described as victims were close to or identified with Greg and his immediate family.”

On January 29, armed federal agents arrested three leaders of KJC’s charity arm, The Children’s Joy Foundation, during a raid in their compounds in the U.S for allegedly committing immigration fraud and illegal fund-raising activities.

“One of the alleged victims who provided misleading information to the FBI may be her own daughter who is now a lawyer but was practically supported by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy from childhood until she became a lawyer,” Canada pointed out.

Canada questioned the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s decision to believe Greg and his immediate family’s baseless accusations against Quiboloy and the KJC.

“At best, the FBI should have consulted us first because the KJC has been fully cooperating with the American government,” she said.