New app providing trucking services nationwide launched

Published February 5, 2020, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


A new nationwide transport solution has been launched utilizing the usually unused capacity of trucks on the way home from their deliveries.

Small and medium enterprises are seen to benefit from the introduction of mobile app Carga, the country’ first backload transport solution for shippers and truckers.

An online logistics platform, Carga’s pioneering mobile app serves as a gateway for shippers to connect to a pool of truckers at more affordable rates due to backload, while meeting their preferred schedules and needs.

The app also empowers truckers to increase their load and maximize vehicle use through real-time demand visibility which allows them to carry backload anytime.

“Why not optimize all resources and the truck’s travel home by carrying load?” Carga’s CEO Samson Lato asked. The end result is a win-win and innovative solution for all logistics players.

More than a simple backload solution, the Carga app envisions to ease traffic congestion by reducing the volume of empty trucks on the road.

It also helps small and medium enterprises meet their cargo and shipping needs without having to purchase their own trucks.

The idea behind the backload solution business was born because of the owners’ personal experience while ferrying engineering materials and equipment for their company, MJAS Zenith.

The company would frequently dispatch truckloads of materials to their branches in Cebu and Davao via RoRo, only to have these trucks return to Manila empty.

“Carga paves the way for accessible delivery of goods and commodities for everyone, anytime, nationwide,” said Lato.

The service offers several vehicle model options like forward and semi-forward trucks as well as 4 to 12-wheeler trucks from its own fleet and partner corporate and private truckers.

Carga regularly dispatches trucks all over Luzon and to any point in the Visayas and Mindanao via RoRo.

With Carga’s transparent pricing and flexibility, shippers and truckers can find the best deals, ensure reliable and cost effective transport, hasten farm-to-market transportation and create more business opportunities.