Former Friendster CEO joins Secuna - Philippine’s First Community-Powered Cybersecurity Testing Platform


The former CEO of Friendster, Iannis Hanen, who is the current chief executive of iScale Solutions is also now the CEO of Secuna. His appointment in Oct 2019 as CEO will help strengthen the mission of the company to build a better and safe internet.

The experience of Iannis as former CEO of Friendster, one of the first technology companies that scaled to millions of social networking/gaming users in Asia, brings in to Secuna his relevant technical and proven management skills. His work at iScale Solutions with foreign technology companies has been effective in building and hosting development, support, and operations teams in the Philippines since 2011. He has been helping small and large companies from the US, Europe, and South East Asia to build reliable teams becoming successful locally.

Secuna is the first and only Crowdsourced Cybersecurity Testing Platform in the Philippines that has a community of hundreds of the world's most advanced and highly-vetted Cybersecurity Professionals. The company offers Managed Service that helps in setting-up ISO-compliant Security Vulnerability Disclosure Program and Bug Bounty Program to receive and act on vulnerabilities discovered by cybersecurity professionals. Secuna also offers Compliance Service, a comprehensive ISO-compliant Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). This service is tailored-fit for apps/websites that have never been tested for cybersecurity flaws or for businesses with requirements of Third-Party Assessment reports from government agencies.

Secuna co-founder AJ Dumanhug, who is also the CTO & CISO, is one of the top Cybersecurity Professionals in the Philippines. AJ emerged as one of the top ethical hackers in the BountyCon 2019, an invitation-only security conference in Singapore hosted by Facebook and Google. He surfaced among 180 top security researchers in the Asia-Pacific region through their bug bounty programs. He's also a member of a team of cybersecurity professionals that bagged the Grand Prize in the Capture the Flag (CTF) competition of ROOTCON 13 last September 2019 at Tagaytay City, Philippines.

With the leadership of Iannis along with the industry-expertise of AJ, Secuna makes World-Class Cybersecurity Programs powerful, effective, and scalable at the same time very cost-effective that is just within reach of startups and SMEs.