Google announces upcoming new Assistant features


CES isn’t all about cool hardware, or in some cases, hardware concepts that never take flight. Google, with its massive presence on the major technology convention, is on full-throttle for further AI developments. In this case, the company announced upcoming Assistant features.

Hey Google, Read It

Android users will be able to call on Google Assistant to read out an entire webpage. It’s focused on long articles, to give users a hands-off experience should they be on commute, driving, or doing something else and can’t get on to reading the article.

Schedule Actions

If you’re building a smart home – a home full of smart technologies – Google is gearing up for Google Assistant to become a housekeeper. You will be able to tell Google to schedule actions such as turning on the lights, turning the air conditioner on or off, and smart locks. Google said over the years they will expand the compatibility to more devices.

Sticky notes and Speed Dial

If you have other displays around the house connected to your device, you can tell the Assistant to leave notes and important contact numbers for everyone in the household to check for reference.

Google, delete my browser history

Technically, it’s more in the lines of “Hey Google, delete everything I told you yesterday.” And Google will, should, supposedly, (who knows anymore?) delete everything the user ever said to Google Assistant. It’s Google’s attempt to let people know that they are in charge of their privacy.

Google hasn’t mentioned when exactly these updates will be released, but the roll out should be expected sometime this year.