Fenix LD30 shines brightest


In the wake of disasters, a flashlight can be a lifesaver. The Fenix LD30 is an ultra-compact outdoor flashlight that comes with a number of handy features.

First above all, this flashlight can shoot up to 1600 lumens of light intensity. That’s essentially a mini-spotlight that can hit up to 205 meters in distance. Of course, you can adjust the brightness, making it dimmer and brighter as needed.

It comes with a rechargeable battery of 3500mAh. At maximum light output the battery can last up around an hour and thirty minutes. But put it in its dimmest light output, which is 30 lumens, can last for 70 hours.

On top of its light output, the Fenix LD30 is impact resistant up to one meter and is IP68, making it waterproof up to two meters.

This compact flashlight is designed for industrial use or outdoor activities, but it never hurts to have one ready at your disposal.

You can learn more about the Fenix LD30 Flashlight - 1600 lumens at their Fenix Store website.