PlayStation gets world record for best selling home console

Published December 4, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


The Sony PlayStation has been named the best-selling video game home console brand in history, Guinness World Records announced on Tuesday.

Sony's Playstation 2 at a game store in Tokyo, Tuesday 21 February 2006. (EPA/ANDY RAIN / MANILA BULLETIN)
Sony’s Playstation 2 at a game store in Tokyo, Tuesday 21 February 2006. (EPA/ANDY RAIN / MANILA BULLETIN)

Sony has sold more than 450 million units across the original PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 since its first launch 25 years ago.

“We’re thrilled to be certified as the best-selling home video game console brand ever, with over 450 million units sold across the original PlayStation, PS2, PS3, and PS4 as of Nov. 7 according to @GWR. And it’s all thanks to you,” PlayStation tweeted.

The company received the Guinness World Record certificate at its 25th anniversary commemorative event in Tokyo.

At the celebration, several professionals and games linked to the console were lauded.

Engineer Ken Kutaragi, the former chairman and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment and current president and CEO of Cyber AI Entertainment, who led the development of the original PS1 in the 1990s received the award at the event.

“Thanks to users from all over the world who have enjoyed video games for so long. Let’s look forward to seeing the next advances,” Kutaragi said as he took the stage of the PlayStation Awards.

The PlayStation (PS1) entered the Japanese market on 3 December 1994 and set a before and after for the industry, laying the foundations for the CD-ROM and 3D computer graphics.

Today, the second generation console PlayStation 2 remains the best-selling device of its kind in history with more than 155 million sales worldwide.

The cumulative figure the Guinness World Records has used includes the home console models (PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4) and compact versions but does not take into account portable devices.

Had it included these, the figure would be well behind Nintendo with more than 750 million units sold, including Game Boy, Wii and the Nintendo DS and 3DS families.

“25 years ago this week – the first PlayStation made its global debut in Japan,” PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said in a statement.

“Starting from a humble beginning as an upstart within Sony, Ken Kutaragi and team delivered on a vision to elevate video games as a form of entertainment that everyone could enjoy, and to make a platform for game developers to express their creativity.

“We struck a chord with the gaming community because PlayStation offered experiences beyond what anyone could ever imagine was possible with a home console.”