Grand Videoke’s Perfect Pitch: Your Coach to Be a Better Singer

Published December 2, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


Since 2013, Grand Videoke has been developing and honing singing skills through their line-up of videoke systems that have been part of Filipino homes.

With new innovations and technology, Grand Videoke continues to introduce unique features that will make every customer’s entertainment experience worth the price of their purchase.

“With the latest series of Grand Videoke (Rhapsody 3 Pro Plus, Symphony SE Pro Plus, and Symphony 3 Pro Plus), all models have built-in Perfect Pitch system that actually train you to sing better. It helps improve the way people sing – that’s the beauty of the Perfect Pitch system. It shows what areas to follow and improve through the four-point scoring system,” says Jin Cortez, Audio-Video Solutions Corporation (AVSC) Trade Marketing Manager for Grand Videoke.

The four-point scoring system helps you monitor key elements while you sing.

Key Rhythm – Makes sure you hit the right note at the right time.

Vibrato – Develops your vibrato for that seamless change of pitch.

Upband – Upband sees to it that your shift to high notes are smooth.

Downband – Downband checks how you shift to low notes.

“Iba talaga ‘pag may Coach!”

In line with the Perfect Pitch system promotion, Grand Videoke taps actress Anne Curtis as the celebrity ambassadress and the face of Grand Videoke. “Anne perfectly embodies how passionate Filipinos are when it comes to singing. She’s the perfect ambassadress for our brand because we all know how she tries hard to learn how to sing better and improve her skills. Videoke is not just for professional singers but for all people who love to sing,” added Cortez.

A successful contestant qualifies to join the Perfect Pitch Battle. Displayed on the screen is the four-point scoring system of Grand Videoke (Key Rhythm, Vibrato, Upband and Downband).

Voice Command and Social Media Sharing Technology

The Voice Command technology can be accessed through the GV Smart App that comes along to pair with the system. The GV Smart App is not just an ordinary app with remote functions. It also allows you to search and choose your next song by simply activating the Voice Command function.

The GV Smart App is also interactive. Users can type any fun messages while the song is played, and it will appear on the screen of the monitor thus, adding more visual entertainment to the experience.

Singers can record their songs or take screenshots of their scores directly from Grand Videoke to their phone and share it on social media.