Light Rail Manila Corporation Launches 1st LRT Mobile App That Merges Commuting and Tourism in the Philippines

IMG20191119123422 (1) LRMC President and CEO Juan F. Alfonso.

We always hear "great things cometh to all who wait," and at last, the very first train line mobile app is now available in the Philippines.

Through ikotMNL mobile app, commuters who travel for work and tourists who visit Metro Manila can now experience a more effficient and time-saving ride experience when they download the app, availablenon iOS and Android devices.

The brand-new and first-ever LRT mobile app features a convenient one-stop information for commuters and tourists traveling along the route of LRT-1 in Metro Manila.

Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC), the private opeeator of the LRT-1 train line emphasized the value of innovation. "This is the first railway and tourism app in the Philippines. We constantly look for modern ways to change the way we move people and this ikotMNL app is an innovative tool to delight our passengers with a comfortable, safe, and convenient experience when riding the LRT-1," said LRMC President and CEO Juan F. Alfonso.

The ikotMNL app also promotes local tourism with detailed directions on tourist spots near LRT-1 stations and information about partnered local tour operators who are more than willing to show tourists the best places for sightseeing and great spots to dine and shop in Manila.

According to Alfonso, promoting local tourism in the nation's capital is made easier with the help of ikotMNL app. "We are excited to be part of tourists' Manila adventures with ikotMNL app and the LRT-1. We aim to bring destinations closer to passengers," he added.

The future upgrade plans for the app include partnership with beep card and QR codes for fares and tie-ups with merchants. Who knows, we might even get fare bonus points as we regularly use the ikotMNL mobile app. "The app is the first step and will be continuously updated. Our commitment to our customers is the reason why we are in this business and we look forward for you to downloading the app," Alfonso said