QC councilor warns public against self-medication

Published November 10, 2019, 5:23 PM

by CJ Juntereal

By Chito Chavez

A Quezon City councilor appealed to the public not to resort to self-medication as this would put their health dangerously at high risk.

Councilor Victor Ferrer Jr. issued the call after receiving reports that a huge number of local residents still take antibiotics without the required physician’s prescription.

Instead of treating the illness, Ferrer said the erroneous taking of antibiotics and other similar medicines without the doctor’s order will only prolong their agony.

He added the wrong intake of antibiotics according to medical experts will develop resistance to the drug that will not cure the infection.

He also warned drugstores on selling medicines without the required prescriptions.

Ferrer also asked the public to purchase their medicines in reputable drug stores to ensure the quality of their purchase.

Also, Ferrer warned it will be a more viable option to buy medicines from dispensing physicians after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared the unlawful sale of medicines online.

To recall the FDA has warned the public against purchasing medicines online, saying that it could do harm than good.

The FDA noted “there is no guarantee that medicines sold online are genuine, on top of the fact that these medicines may not be stored properly’’.

“Unlike other consumer products purchased over the internet, medicines have the potential to cause serious side effects and health problems if not used and stored properly. Buying medicines over the internet can pose serious health risk as you will never know what exactly you are getting,” the FDA noted.

The FDA added medicines bought online may not contain the desired ingredients which is also  ineffective and may only pose danger to public health.

Ferrer also feared that medicines sold online may not be stored properly affecting their efficacy.

The FDA also has reiterated that online selling of medicines is unlawful noting that FDA only allows ordering of medicines online when the seller has an existing FDA-licensed pharmacy or “botika (drugstore)’’ with physical address.

Ferrer also pleaded to the public to report the unauthorized sale of medicines to city hall officials and concerned government agencies.