Billy Crawford: Clean and healthier

He may seem alarmingly lean to some people but Billy Crawford assures he’s healthier now than ever.

On “Tonight With Boy Abunda,” the singer-actor admitted a lot of people ask him, “May sakit ka ba?”

“I’m not sick,” he said. “Also, I’m not a drug addict because that’s what (is being) implied because of my weight now. It’s annoying.”

Billy revealed his weight reached 235 pounds at one point. He attributed it to drinking. At the time, the singer confessed, he could finish a whole bottle of hard liquor in just one sitting.

Well, that’s water under the bridge. Billy, at 156 pounds, proudly shared he had remain sober for a little over a year now. He also quit smoking, just using vape as alternative.

What prompted the change in lifestyle?

Billy began to take his health seriously when he saw his father deteriorated because of cigarettes and alcohol.

“This is really for health purposes because gusto ko magkaroon ng pamilya in the future. When God gave me Coleen (Garcia, his wide), I was born again. Almost two years bago kami kinasal, I decided to make a change. Now, I already achieved my ideal weight,” he shared.

Speaking of Coleen, Billy didn’t miss the chance to commend her for being patient with him.

“In fairness to her naman, she never forbids me to do anything. You know, throughout the whole process, hindi naging madali eh. May mga times na iritado ako, pikon ako at gutom. That happened for six months and I know that it’s really painful for Coleen,” he said. “Coleen was not a patient woman until that moment. She adjusted for me and became super patient.”