Pinoy music video named best at L.A. Film Awards

A Filipino made music video won as the Best Music Video at the Los Angeles Film Awards in 2019.

It was an alternate universe of Romeo and Juliet story, set in the slums of Manila North Cemetery, directed by Kevin Hindrinks, a Filipino director based in Makati.

The music video was for the song “Together Now” by Swedish artists Arc North and Polarbearz featuring Camilla Neideman.

It was an all-Filipino crew production, produced by Allan Semana with help from production manager Glenn Dones, director of photography Jordan Arabejo, camera operator Bruce Sakaki, costume designer Dimple Lim, visual effects by Nicco Anacleto and DJ Belga, and stills by Jon Olarte.

It starred Gabby Padilla, a Filipina Actress, Miguel Hernandez, and Lucas Floyd.

The music video was also an official entry to the upcoming UK Film Festival in December.