CNBLUE’s Yonghwa to hold fan meetings, return to acting after military discharge

K-pop rock band CNBLUE member Yonghwa will meet fans and return to acting now that he has completed his military service.

Yonghwa was discharged from the military on Nov. 3, or a little over 19 months after he enlisted on March 5, 2018.

He was met by fans as he emerged from the 702nd Special Assault Regiment of the Second Corps. He spoke to media and fans in front of the Gandong District Office in Gangwon Provice, South Korea.

“Thanks to your support, I have successfully completed my military service. You guys are the motivation for me to grow up during my active service. That is absolutely not a meaningless period. Using the precious time, I will show you a more mature and wonderful Jung Yonghwa in the future,” he said, according to JTBC Plus and V Live Today.

FNC Entertainment, CNBLUE’s agency, said, “Jung Yonghwa has lived exemplarily and completed with outstanding achievements during his military program such as being chosen to be the special soldier, joining the top team, having early promotion and accomplished the best training awards.”

Yonghwa with fans after his discharge and hitting the gym (Instagram)

Yonghwa with fans after his discharge and hitting the gym (Instagram)

It said Yonghwa will hold fan meetings in South Korea and other countries starting in December and has received offers for drama roles.

“Jung Yonghwa has received quite a lot of offers for acting jobs and is in the process of reviewing and discussing. He plans to return to acting next year,” the agency stated.

Yonghwa also returned to Instagram by posting a picture of his discharge with fans, and him at the gym.

CNBLUE is now a three-member band composed of Yonghwa, Minhyuk and Jungshin after Jonghyun left the group last August.