Filipina model-philanthropist to vie for Mrs. World 2019 in Las Vegas

Published November 2, 2019, 1:22 AM

by Jaleen Ramos

A Filipino model-philanthropist, who is advocating postpartum depression awareness, will represent the Philippines in Mrs. World 2019 beauty pageant which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 6.

 Meranie Gadiana Rahman (Photo via Robert Requintina/ MANILA BULLETIN)

Meranie Gadiana Rahman (Photo via Robert Requintina/ MANILA BULLETIN)

Meranie Gadiana Rahman, now based in Hawaii, will compete against 80 married women from around the world. She earned the right to represent the country in the prestigious competition after she won Mrs. World Philippines in Paris, France last October 22.

“Mrs World is one of the most prestigious pageants in the world and it is more about inner beauty. In addition, it gives me a greater voice to promote my advocacy of postpartum depression and fight against drug abuse,” said Rahman during an interview.

Asked how she got interested in promoting postpartum depression awareness, Rahman said: “I became more serious about pageantry after I went through my postpartum depression and there seemed to be no cure or hope for me. One day my husband suggested me to run for a pageant and followed his advice. To my surprise I started to heal while we were practicing Q&A because of the positive natures of all the answers. Now I am completely recovered and it has become my mission to inspire and empower women.”

Her husband Dr. Inam Rahman, an American who was born in Pakistan, is a medical and emergency room physician. They have a two-year-old son named Jaleel. “He (husband) is also my pageant coach and pageant trainer. So we are all together as one for pageantry.”

To further her advocacy on postpartum depression, Rahman has established herself a non-profit organization called “You are Loved Foundation for Postpartum Depression”.

“I started the work on foundation in December 2018. I am also against drug abuse because it destroys families, especially our children. I love children. They are our future,” said Rahman.

The Filipino beauty queen who was born and raised in Cagayan De Oro has been staying in Hawaii for seven years now.

In Hawaii, she has won several pageants, including national and international. She is also a runway and print model.

“But I believe my greatest achievements that I am proud of are keeping my family together, taking care of my son, and be a dedicated wife. Also my positivity. With positive attitude you can overcome any hurdle,” said Rahman when asked about the achievement she is most proud of.

Rahman also describes herself as a busy person. “Well, everything in my life keeps me busy but thank God I have a very supportive family especially my husband. He is such a sweetheart. I love him too very much.”

When not busy, Rahman loves to work out, play tennis, travel with her family, and cook.

Rahman said that people in Hawaii, including Filipinos, are great people, who have Aloha spirit. She maybe far away from home but she’s still a Filipino by heart.

“It means many things beside love, kindness, and respect. So everyone treat each other like a family.”

When she competes in Mrs. World in December, Rahman would be wearing national costume and evening gowns she personally designed.

“I love my costumes and evening gowns. Most of them are designed by me and are made in Philippines. However, the beauty of a dress is expressed by how you carry it beside the design,” she said.