LOOK: Arci Muñoz staunch ARMY member

Arci Muñoz is leading a charmed life. The actress was in South Korea recently where she watched her favorite K-pop group BTS’ “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” concert at Seoul Olympic Stadium.

She gave fans snippets from the show via Instagram. She also donned BT21 merchandise; a black shirt with matching headband displaying the puppy Chimmy, one of the eight animated characters created by BTS.

Arci also had a BTS-inspired tattoo. The one on her forearm is said to be inspired by the “Love Yourself” series of the group, released in 2017. It was done by Saegeem, a popular tattoo artist in South Korea.

In past interviews, the actress revealed BTS helped her get over the breakup with businessman Anthony Ng.

“I don’t want to be sad…kaya siguro sobrang obsessed ako sa BTS ngayon, parang stress reliever ko sila,” she said. “I am okay, I am busy—and I have BTS.”