Clean the air!



Jullie Y. Daza

Jullie Y. Daza

Vicky Belo, who makes the beautiful irresistible and the not-so-beautiful hopeful, agrees that clean air retards ageing by keeping the skin glowing and the body’s organs healthy, skin being the largest organ.

The US armed forces believe in keeping their soldiers strong and stronger even when they’re already the planet’s strongest, by giving them purified air (the better to combat germ warfare?).

Our cities are not only congested, they’re dirty, not only with trash but the very air we breathe, killing us slowly. What’s more, the air indoors can be just as or more polluted – sofa, mattress, carpet, paint on walls, tabletops, germs, bacteria everywhere.

Capt. Nikos Gitsis, a Greek-American pilot who founded Seair and has lived in the Philippines for 30 years, has found a new mission without giving up flying, delivering, servicing airplanes. Simultaneous with aviation, he’s into clean air by cleaning the air. Philippines, best place to make a vacation last a lifetime, also the best place to clear the air, micron by micron, ion by ion or whatever it is they use to measure air quality. His product has a snooty name, Intellipure, whose inventor-founder is an American scientist who continues to ardently pursue the holy grail from his lab in Syracuse in upstate New York.

Nick is married to a grandniece of Joker Arroyo, Trina, whose experience with their daughters, ages 3 and 6, convinced her that Nick’s latest obsession is the second best thing to owning an iron lung. In the girls’ shared bedroom, Trina installed the appliance and discovered that the daughter who was susceptible to catching colds has overcome the tendency while her sister is now able to sleep soundly. Dr. Belo has ordered scores of units for her clients’ use during their aesthetic sessions. Nick’s supply is running out and will take weeks to replenish. But the one he’s about to send to the guy in Malacañang who’s wearing a purifier like an ID pendant is here, under wraps.

Trina, speaking like a loyal wife and customer, is not afraid that air purifiers of different brands   are already in the market. Her husband’s product, she claims, “works 40x better.” As Maharishi said, you don’t have to understand electricity to know how to click the switch. ##