DOLE urged to disclose results of labor inspections on contratualization

The Federation of Free Workers (FFW) on Sunday urged the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to “share” the results of the labor inspections with regards to contractualization.

Federation of Free Workers logo (FFW Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)

Federation of Free Workers logo (FFW Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)

“Share to the unions the inspection reports of the regional offices on contractualization and regularization of workers,” said FFW President Sonny Matula.

“The social partners need to be involved in the fight against the epidemic of contractualization and they need to be updated, particularly in local unions and their federations,” it added.

Matula said that the labor department should provide copies of the inspection in order for the labor unions to check if the companies are compliant with the government’s campaign to end contractualization.

“The unions need to be informed of the order of regularization so that they could act when employees, ordered to be regularized, are terminated from employment,” said Matula.

“FFW also urges Congress to prioritize the proposed SOT (Security of Tenure) bills against the rampant endo and other forms of exploitative contractualization which have been of an epidemic proportion that victimize millions of workers until now,” he added.