Live your esports dreams with these three easy tips 

Published October 26, 2019, 12:00 AM

by Jonnah Lynne Pante

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As technology advances, people are given more ways to showcase and express their expertise. Now that esports is officially a category in the upcoming 30th Southeast Asian Games to be held here in the Philippines and with talks of including esports in the Olympics, gaming has definitely surpassed the stage when it’s considered by many as simply just a hobby or a past-time. 

For casual gamers out there, it’s never too late to enter the competitive esports scene. While it’s something that requires hard work and lots of effort, there’s no harm in having a quick refresher on how to find your way towards achieving your esports dream.   

  1. Invest in good gaming peripherals.

Just like any other craft that one would want to pursue, it’d be a great help in enhancing your skills if you have a set of good equipment. For gamers, this translates to having capable gaming peripherals from your computer’s motherboard and graphics card, down to your gaming keyboard, headset, and mouse. In building your own gaming PC, look for brands that have the components fit not just to your gaming needs but also to your allocated budget.

  1. Be exposed in different gaming communities. 

More than just the competition, gamers are often involved in groups and communities where they can be friends with other gamers and exchange comments and ideas about their favorite games, as well as share tips and hacks on how to upgrade their PC, or where to buy gaming peripherals. There are also gaming forums which you can visit online to read about what’s the latest in the gaming industry. For budding gamers, let yourselves be part of a big family of gamers and find the appropriate gaming groups and forums appropriate to your interests. 

  1. Get the best out of gaming pins. 

If you’re a true-blooded gamer, chances are you have — at least more than once — spent a couple of bucks in-game to buy items and weapons, or to unlock new levels and new worlds. If you have, then there’s no need to feel guilty about it. Gaming pins are an essential part of any other game, and it helps you to master the game and improve your competence even more. 

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