Raising Scorpio

Moms and Babies- Scorpio
By Robert Rubin | Illustrations by Roc Verdera

So you are the proud parent of a Scorpio. Well, you are officially in for a wild ride, because Scorpios are the most intense of the 12 zodiac signs. If you are blessed with a child under this star sign, here are some essential pointers to help you manage the amazing energies of your little one.

scorpio_sub_011. Keep your promises.

Scorpios can be borderline vindictive, so their memory is pretty sharp. So it’s important to always keep your promises to them. Broken promises will likely not be forgotten for a very long time. Try your best to stick to your commitments with your children.

scorpio_sub_022. Support their dreams and explore.

Scorpios love the spotlight. They love the idea of being seen. To tell them to keep a low profile is a recipe for trouble. Get your little Scorpio involved in school plays, recitals, and performances early on. These activities will aid in directing these energies so that they don’t end up being drama queens and kings at home.

scorpio_sub_033. Nurture their intuitiveness.

The most psychic of the 12 zodiac signs are the Scorpios. They can sense things, energies, and intentions, even at an early age. If your little Scorpio is not feeling comfortable with someone, take the time to ask them why. You may be surprised to find out the reasons behind it. By honoring this gift early on, they may become some of the most intuitive adults down the line. So never say it’s just their imagination.

scorpio_sub_044. Make them feel important.

Scorpios want to be number one in your life. So if they feel that way, they will reward your favor with loyalty and care. They will go out of their way to make you feel special because they know they matter to you. But the moment they feel that you have other priorities, they are likely to take it very personally. Always affirm your little Scorpios. Let them know that they mean the world to you, and you’ll have a caring sidekick for years to come.

scorpio_sub_055. Let them digest their emotions.

They love to feel what they are going through, so never try to suppress their feelings. Let them know that all forms of emotions are okay, as long as they are expressed in the proper way. Their emotions drive them, so it is best if you can teach them how to identify their feelings. You can ask them how they want to express these feelings. If properly guided, they will become some of the most emotionally-mature children you can imagine. But if left unsupervised, they can let their emotions go overboard.

Robert Rubin is the author of The Intuitive Within and founder of Mysterium Philippines. He is the leading Tarot Authority in the country with over 23 years of experience. He is married and has two lovely children, a Daschund named Isis, and three lovely cats (Ajna, Puff, and Luminara).