Make sending money to loved ones a daily habit with PayMaya

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No distance is too far and no hurdle is too challenging whenever we talk about loving and caring for our family. We go to work every day precisely because we want to give them the best life possible.

With the help of technology, no matter the distance, making your family feel loved has never been easier, and attending to their needs has also become more convenient. In today’s fast-paced world powered by the Internet, making sure that your family members are well taken care of only takes a few taps on your phone.

Digital wallet apps like PayMaya allow you to conveniently send money to anywhere in the Philippines.  And this October, PayMaya has made it even more enticing because you can even get daily rewards whenever you send money using the PayMaya app.

Sending at least P100 a day entitles users to get P10 pesos cashback once per day. Sending money daily to your family for 31 days means you can get as much as P310 total cashback. And if your total accumulated send money transactions for October reach PHP 5,000, you’ll even get an additional P150, for a total possible cashback of P460!

With the help of PayMaya, managing your household finances has not only become easier, but also more rewarding:

For Ate or Kuya living in a dorm, sending their weekly allowance is made more convenient and rewarding with PayMaya. And if ever they need emergency funds, sending money to their PayMaya accounts is just a few taps away.

For Bunso who goes to school, sending his daily allowance can now be done easily via PayMaya. He can use it to buy his baon, or even buy load in the PayMaya Shop whenever he needs it for contacting schoolmates or his parents after school.

And for the grocery needs at home, you can manage the spending if you send money to your kasambahay daily via the PayMaya app.  They can easily use their account or card when paying at the grocery store–and even earn cashback for these purchases, a welcome added bonus for them.

There’s no limit or distance that can get in the way of expressing your love and care for your family. And going the extra mile every day by helping them with their finances through PayMaya can surely make your family connections stronger than ever.

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