Harnessing the Power of Data - a CXO Innovation Summit Theme for 2019

CXO Innovation Summit 2019 by VST-ECS Phils., inc. was a successful event that happened from October 17-19 and held in the posh Shangri-La Boracay. VST-ECS CXO Innovation Summit was founded by Jimmy Go, President and CEO, with the goal of helping organizations benefit from advances in technologies through sharing of insights, best practices, and industry trends.
Amidst the massive explosion and expansion of data, the objective of this year's CXO Innovation Summit is to establish a common understanding on how to organize and unlock the value of data using available and proven technologies.
This year's theme was "Harnessing the POWER of DATA".
Lenovo Philippines
Francis Judan, Product and Distributor Manager, SMB Lenovo PH, presentied "Reinvent the Workspace with Lenovo Smart Office Solutions". Judan's presentation talked about the benefits of smart office solutions that can cultivate positive employee experience; attract and retain talent; enable flexible working; unleash workforce creativity; leads to high rate of ROI.
Nap Castillo, Systems Engineer Manager, Fortinet, spoke about "Empowering Security n IoT Infrastructure and Services".
Words from the organizer
VST-ECS Phils., inc. President and CEO Jimmy Go welcomed business partners, brand sponsors, and media to 2019 CXO Innovation Summit during the plenary sessions on the second day of the summit. "Truly there is so much that we can benefit and learn from this summit. I am confident that new ideas will emerge as a result of discussions and will unlock the power of data. Again, thank you for joining us on this summit," said Go.
Dell Technologies
CTO- Asia Pacific region, PreSalea Team, Dell Technologies, Lee Siong Fey opened the floor as first plenary hall speaker for the 2019 CXO Innovation Summit Day 2. Siong Fey has more than 23 years in the IT industry holding various engineering and management roles and has traveled extensively throughout the Asia Pacific region providing thought leadership to customer on digital transformation with recent focus on Multi-Cloud. Siong Fey's presentation talks about "Dell Technologies Multi-Cloud Strategy".
"Every organization needs to be a digital organization, powered by data, running in a multi-cloud world," Siong Fey said.
Huawei Enterprise
Patrick Low, Principal Architect, CTO Office Huawei Enterprise Business Group presented "Leading New ICT to Digital Transformation - Make a Difference with Huawei".
Patrick worked with major IT providers before joining Huawei. He has successful led several major Cloud Data Center tender projects and CxO engagement activities in the region.
Nishant Dave, Director, Digital Transformation Office, Cisco ASEAN discussed the importance of "Building the Bridge to Multicloud: Powering the Application Revolution" topic at the VSTECS 2019 CXO Innovation Summit.
Nishant has worked with Cisco Systems in the Asia Pacific region for over a decade covering across various roles in new business development.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Regional  MD (Acting), Growth & Emerging Markets; Regional GM, Hybrid IT BU, Growth & Emerging Markets Country MD, HPE Philippines Daniel Aw shared his presentation "Preparing the Next Wave of Digital Transformation" discussing strategic planning, solution developmemt, and aspects of business development to help companies strengthen customer relationships and create new revenue streams across banking & finance, manufacturing, and communications sectors.
"Cloud is not a destination but it is an experience." Aw emphasized.
Malcolm Rowe, Business Unit Executive - IBM Securiry Software and Services ASEAN talked about "Data Resilience and The Laws of Cybersecurity".
"Cybersecurity is a universal challenge and is becoming more costly and likely to happen in 1 out of 4 organizations to experience breaches over a two-yewr period," explained Rowe.
Schneider Electric
Tony Kang, Business VP for Secure Power, Schneider Electric took the centerstage with his presentation "Digital Evolution in the Cloud and at the Edge". Tony is the newly appointed business VP for Secure Power of Schneider Electric in the Philippines, bringing with him a wealth of experience in the IT industry with his regional appointments. Schneider Electric is a Global Specialists in Energy Management and Automation.
David Kim, Corporate VP, Chief Revenue Officer, Samsung Mobile B2B Asia joined the stage with his presentation "Next Mobile Economy".
David shared that Samsung is not just a Mobile company, they are also a B2B expanding its revenue and market share in the ever-growing Asia mobile enterprise business.
"People don't just buy phone for its looks but for value and its productivity. It's more than just a phone. Opening a laptop sees a lot of limitations. And we look at the way how we can make your information secure and we take that very seriously when you use your phone. We put a lot of resource, effort, and money in security," said David as he explained Samsung Mobile Technology Transformation towards data privacy and security.
Samsung has a Defense-grade Security by Knox that is installed with multi-authentication function to login to your phone. Knox is available under Cloud Services and On-Device Features, assured authentication with a number of ways to customize that is only unique to the user.
Aside from Knox, Samsung also have DeX: Data and End-point Management  that can do a lot of wonders so you can have much more productive environment everwhere you go.
Samsung is now working with Public Safety Technologies. "We are working with operators in more than 40+ countries specific for governments who want to solve public safety problems," said Kim as he shared some of the B2B products Samsung have in its current pipeline.
Aruba, Oracle, and Lenovo
Aruba Senior Director and General Manager, South East Asia and Taiwan, Justin Chiah presented "Experience the Edge" while Christopher G. Chelliah, Group Vice President and Chief Architect, Core Technology and Cloud, Asia Pacific, Japan, & EME, Oracle started his topic "From Data to Insights... (And How Do We Get Their) Fast!"
Jonathan Wu, CTO, Lenovo Data Center Group, Asia Pacific, General Manager HPC and AI, Asia Pacific, Lenovo, the summit's final speaker, talked about AI technology via his topic "AI: Pushing the Boundaries of Data".
It was a learning 3-day summit where participants learned more about the importance of securing data through Cloud and secured servers that could possibly eliminate cyberthreats in many enterprises and MSME businesses.