Integrity of bets for PNP chief most important, but most difficult to determine – solon

Published October 18, 2019, 6:39 PM

by Ellalyn De Vera & Richa Noriega

By Ben Rosario

Judging the integrity of candidates for the country’s top police post will be difficult, but this character is the most vital qualification that President Duterte must consider for appointment.

Rep. Eric Go Yap (Facebook)
Rep. Eric Go Yap (Facebook)

ACT-CIS Rep. Eric Go Yap stressed this as he expects that all Philippine National Police (PNP) officers applying to replace General Oscar Albayalde, who stepped down before his mandatory retirement, to be qualified “on paper.”

A candidate who is “full of integrity” and is capable of spearheading PNP’s internal cleansing should get the post that will officially be vacant on November 8.

“Given na yung mandato ng PNP to combat crime and maintaining peace and order, so we need the next PNP chief to be capable of spearheading the internal cleansing of the PNP,” stated Yap, chairman of the House Committee on Games and Amusement.

He said the next police chief should be somebody who is not a mere “make-up artist,” who will only offer temporary solutions to address the PNP image that has been sullied by the “ninja cop” controversy that implicated Albayalde.

“What we need is a plastic surgeon, a permanent solution,” said Yap in a statement issued Friday.

The lawmaker believes that President Duterte, who is yet to name the new PNP chief, is taking his time in evaluating his choices to avoid committing a mistake in choosing the next leader of our police force.

“We submit to the wisdom of the President, he knows what is happening and he knows the magnitude of this decision. I hope that those who will recommend to the President will not only recommend on the basis of seniority, but also on quality and integrity,” said Yap.