NOW forges alliance with Unionbank for 5G

mou2 (From left) Rene Rosales NOW Corporation Chief Technology Officer, Paulo Martin Santos, Rodolfo Pantoja UnionBank VP for Enterprise Communication & Collaboration

Digital banking leader UnionBank of the Philippines signed late yesterday (October 9, 2019) a memorandum of understanding with publicly listed information and communications technology company NOW Corporation and affiliate NOW Telecom to utilize and promote the use of new generation telecommunication networks, including 5G or the fifth generation of wireless technology, in support of the bank’s digital transformation roadmap.

NOW Corporation (PSE: NOW) is currently the country’s largest fixed wireless access (FWA) broadband provider. Using NOW’s pioneering Fiber Air technology, it delivers guaranteed broadband services to enterprises, as well as commercial and residential buildings.  NOW has established an FWA network infrastructure in Metro Manila and has connected more than 400 buildings with service coverage of up to two kilometers per building.

NOW’s Fiber Air not only provides guaranteed connection and utmost reliability, but also does away with data caps.

NOW Corp’s partnership with telecommunications affiliate NOW Telecom enables the former to deliver high capacity gigabit of bandwidth internet access, which is both scalable and easily repeatable nationwide.

“We are excited to work with UnionBank of the Philippines as we co-market the use of next generation networks which includes 5G.  The potential for 5G in financial services would include reduced video lag for real-time video chat and consultations between bankers and consumers, full-power mobile pop-up branches, shift to the cloud for mobile banking, and more accurate fraud detection and cybersecurity,” NOW Corp. deputy CEO Rodolfo Pantoja said. 

NOW Telecom, of which Pantoja is also the president, is a grantee of a 25-year congressional franchise to engage in the business of providing telecommunications services throughout the Philippines and other countries and territories, including outer space. It was also granted by the National Telecommunications Commission an authority to install, operate and maintain cellular mobile telephone system (CMTS) services

UnionBank, the country’s best digital bank, has revolutionized the banking industry by going full throttle in terms of its digital banking offering in the Philippine market.  It has even created its own financial technology unit, UBX, which holds its technology initiatives, platforms and investments in fintech companies. 

Officials noted that 5G is going to drive the enterprise industry and UnionBank wants to be at the forefront of utilizing and promoting the use of new technologies in the banking system.

According to the MOU, UnionBank is embarking on resilient digital transformation which would be enabled by new capabilities and platforms, among which would be next-generation network (NGN) technology such as 5G.

The MOU would allow both parties to undertake co-marketing activities to promote NOW’s broadband capabilities including NGN and UnionBank’s digital transformation, as well as technological products and services enabled by next generation networks including 5G which both parties may collaborate on.

Signing the MOU are NOW Telecom president Rodolfo Pantoja, NOW Corp. chief technology officer Rene Rosales, and UnionBank vice president for enterprise communication and collaboration Paulo Martin Santos. 

Last Oct. 2, NOW Corp. entered into a multi-year agreement with UnionBank for the provision of guaranteed broadband internet access in support of the bank’s digital transformation roadmap.  The first activated site with a one Gbps broadband connectivity via fixed wireless is UnionBank’s corporate headquarters in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

The agreement with Unionbank strengthens NOW’s position to provide guaranteed broadband connectivity for enterprises via its fixed wireless network infrastructure that it has established in Metro Manila.  NOW has pioneered “Fiber Air” and has since then became the largest fixed wireless access (FWA) broadband provider in the country. 

Both parties also agreed to explore utilizing NOW Fiber Air for its branches and for other sites owned and operated by the Aboitiz-led bank.

NOW also announced last week its entry in the gigabit era by providing gigabit broadband plans to its subscribers. The roll-out of its gigabit broadband plans will be available in Metro Manila, mainly for its enterprise clients. This is made possible thru NOW’s fixed wireless access (FWA) network infrastructure that it has established by using high-capacity and proprietary radio antennas exclusive to NOW’s access to frequencies.

According to Now Corp. head of strategy Kristian Pura, they are now offering gigabit plans of guaranteed broadband internet to their subscribers, something which their technology allows.

Pura said they will push the envelope with their high capacity fixed wireless solution, which applies to prospective enterprise and retail subscribers. Existing enterprise subscribers, can however opt for gigabit upgrade.

NOW Corp’s partnership with telecommunications affiliate NOW Telecom, allows for its pioneering FWA infrastructure, making the former capable of providing efficient delivery of high capacity, gigabit bandwidth internet access, both scalable and easily repeatable nationwide. 

NOW’s service positioning is its guaranteed broadband internet where advertised speeds are committed speeds to subscribers. The Company upgraded and quadrupled its capacity to 2.40Gbps in 2018, with technological costs lowering, and bandwidth capacity solutions increasing. It has connected more than 400 buildings with service coverage of up to 2km per building.

NOW Telecom president Rodolfo Pantoja said that this inverse relationship between technological costs and high marginal value is the core element that keeps NOW’s business model thriving. He added that especially in the fixed wireless space where bandwidth capacity solutions are exponentially increasing, NOW has the right footing to maneuver this competitive space.