Survival guide for the young business leader

Published October 10, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

As a young business leader climbing the proverbial ladder, you will be met with a series of challenges. Some of them will be tougher than the last and it takes more than skill and talent to win over the big names. You’d need charm and wits. Here’s a list to get you started.


Get good, sensible shoes. For some reason, the guys in the C-suite have a thing for shoes. Not sneaks, not kicks. Shoes. Good, sensible shoes represent how serious you are in business and speak loads about how you are at work.

Guys can learn a thing or two from women. Choose leather-upper footwear that can take you from office to cocktails, and will eventually adapt to your foot shape and fit well so you can stand in them for hours on end if need be. These kinds of shoes tend to be on the pricey side, but they’ll last longer and make a good impression.

Pro tip: Rubber soles are key to comfort. Some of the better brands will have formal shoes with rubber soles that are cleverly disguised.

A good jacket that you can keep handy at the office. A well-tailored jacket can lend that extra polish to a casual outfit should you ever need to attend an instant business meeting or show up at cocktails later in the day. This is exactly why you need the right shoes every time (see previous entry).

Pro tip: Know a good tailor near your neighborhood.

A go-to tool that lets you and your staff work anywhere, anytime. Phones are great. They can get a lot of job done but nothing beats a great laptop to complete tasks at the highest quality. What makes a great laptop? Something that can keep your data secure, long battery life, high computing power to keep up with multitasking, and of course, an excellent keyboard. 

Pro tip: The go-to workhorse for the upstart businessman is the HP ProBook 445 G6 Notebook PC. It’s got an ultraslim yet durable chassis and a 3D forged aluminum keyboard deck. Multiple levels of security like facial recognition, fingerprint technology and automatic firmware updates and security checks keep work secure. The screen opens to 180 degrees to maximize the borderless display. An AMD Ryzen APU processor with options for quad-core processors.

You can get one at preferred authorized HP resellers, or you can visit the HP Flagship Store.

A well-considered social media handle. Do you want people to find you and your business? If so, then a straightforward handle using your business name will do. If you want to people to know what your line of business is, you can use something like jacketsRus. If you want to be more direct, don’t be shy to say visitRstore. Be creative and be memorable.

Pro tip: A good social media handle represents you and your business, it should be simple and easy to remember.

A good clean joke to tell at an impromptu speech. As a leader, you will inevitably be called to give a short speech. Brush up on famous quotes, interesting anecdotes, and even good clean jokes – all these make for good openings to speeches and people won’t even notice that you barely said anything,

Pro tip: Inside jokes are fine, nothing like a good clean jab at the industry to put up some smiles. A popular stand-up comedian said, it’s funny because it’s true.

Good luck and go get ‘em!