The Transcend ESD350C is a tough and powerful storage device

Published September 30, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


In weeks working on the desk, our computers tend to fill up rather fast. Articles to file, images to collect, videos to save. And it’s not always easy to simply transfer them to one external hard drive, as the tens and tens of gigabytes takes over to be copied and relocated elsewhere.

Transcend’s ESD350C is a big time-saver in our book. With a second generation USB 3.1, and the fact that the ESD350C is an SSD, 2o or 30 gigs flies through the window in minutes, rather than hours.

We practically enjoyed the ESD350C’s design. It’s small, very compact, and much lighter than your typical HDDs. It has a rubberized texture, which gives it a sturdier feel. Transcend claims that it’s shock resistant. We gave it a few drops, nothing higher than the waist, and so far the SSD still runs on tiptop shape. We haven’t tested it any higher than that, but we’re assuming – just to be 100% clear, we’re only assuming – that the ESD350C can survive with your data intact from drops as high as five point seven feet. It may survive that kind of height a few times. No one should be dropping devices from that height anyway. So you can be rest assured that the ESD350C can is tough enough to go through a few bumps and bruises.

Pp_ESD350C-1 (1)

The ESD350C has three storage configurations: 240GB, 480GB, and the 960GB. For this article, we have the 240GB version. In any the three versions, they all have the same speeds of up to 1050Mbps.

Much like other storage devices of Transcend, the ESD350C is supported by Transcend Elite, a storage management software. The software allows you to backup your files, restore files from a certain time, encrypt and decrypt data. You can also sync the app to your Google Drive or Dropbox for cloud safety of your data.

The Transcend ESD350C is a very capable storage device. It’s lightweight and compact, it has really fast read and write speeds, the software is very easy to understand and use. And, it’s shock resistant. We’re giving it a thumbs up from our end.