Protection on all fronts: Check Point offers 5G-ready end-to-end cybersecurity solutions

Published September 19, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

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Sharat Sinha, Vice President and General Manager for the Asia-Pacific and Japan at Check Point.

The Check Point Experience is an event in the cybersecurity industry held in key cities across the globe. The recently concluded Manila leg was one of the 50 events sequentially organized by Check Point Software Technologies, starting in the first month of the year. Through these events, Check Point provides customers and partners with updates on what’s happening in the cybersecurity industry as well as the best and latest offerings the company has.     

Among the trends that were discussed at this year’s Experience event was the transition toward the 5G standard. “If you look at 5G it is a great transition of telecom networks which gives enormous bandwidth capability to end-users,” said Sharat Sinha, Vice President and General Manager for the Asia-Pacific and Japan at Check Point.

“However, it also unleashes several vulnerabilities. 5G means that more devices will be connected such as machines and IoT innovations like smart home devices and smart cars. As expected, threats will increase a lot, requiring 5G to be protected at multiple levels. First of all, we’ll need protection for IoT devices. Secondly, we’ll need protection for cloud infrastructures. Thirdly, we’ll need protection for telco’s 5G infrastructures and data centers,” he added.    

“In a 4G network setup, you’ll have more than one device, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Let us say that there are three to five devices per person. It is expected that when you go to 5G, there will be 50 devices per person, including a smart TV, vacuum cleaner, and a smart car. Then you multiply that figure by population. Unfortunately, among this myriad of smart devices, cybercriminals will target the one which is protected the least. That is why all of these devices should be protected,” Sinha explained.

Established more than 25 years ago, Check Point has been a leader in the cybersecurity space for a very long time. It uses the Experience event as an opportunity to keep customers and partners protected, allowing them to achieve cyber freedom through cybersecurity. With Check Point’s solutions, cloud, mobile, data center, network, and IoT protection platforms are all integrated, delivering a holistic approach toward cybersecurity, which is now more crucial as we shift toward 5G.