Why you should use strong passwords

Published September 16, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

Never assume your social media accounts are safe from being hacked. Millions of accounts are hacked each year and millions more of personal data are stolen, used for malicious purposes such as identity theft.

Remember, weak passwords are one or two words, or it could be your name, your birthday, something that is easy to memorize by you but can be guessed by others. Don’t use “password,” “123456789,” or “qwerty” because these are among the most common used passwords and often the reasons

Strong passwords use a complicated string of characters, which includes upper and lower cases, alphanumeric characters, and signs. It may be harder to remember but it’s one of the things that can keep the hacker away.

However, passwords alone are not enough to deter hackers. In the video below, we demoed a hacker breaking into someone’s Instagram account using a computer program. It only took three seconds for the program to find the password. It would have taken longer if the password had been stronger. Also use multi-factor authentication, where you’ll need to input a code sent directly to you before you can log in to your account. This way, if you receive a code unexpectedly, you will know that someone is trying to break into your account.