PaMu Slide(s) Past the Others

Published September 15, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin


Born from an Indiegogo campaign, the Pamu Slide raised over four million USD, to create this one piece of high tech TWS earphones. Their Indiegogo page has a bold war cry, claiming not to be typical AirPods alternative, but, in their very own words, “better than that. Way better.”

The PaMu Slide promises a TWS earphones with great audio quality, a full package of specs sheets, and being snugged in your ear without the fear of it coming off.


Let’s run through the Pamu Slide’s features: It’s Bluetooth 5, auto paring to smartphones, touch control, IPX6, 60 hours of play or call time, type-C fast charger, and a charging case with a nice twist—it doubles up as a wireless charging pad for smartphones, which we found really cool. It’s not a power bank replacement, stuffed with 10,000mAh extra power, but the PaMu Slide’s charging case does the job well of giving your phone that extra jolt of life until you make it home. Who knows, maybe in the future with the PaMu Slide 2, we’ll get to see major upgrade with this feature, but for now, we’re more than pleased with it.

During our tests with the PaMu Slide, we definitely did find them comfortable to use. The audio quality is excellent and the device includes touch gestures to control volume or switch tracks. A surprising feature that caught us off guard, there’s a touch gesture for Google Assistant as well, allowing you to reach to your Android buddy even without the need to pull out your phone from the pocket. Yes, it also supports Siri.


Let’s get into some details: with the left or right earphone, touch once and it plays/pauses music or accept phone calls. Touch it twice reject a call, for the left earphone it bring our Google Assistant or Siri, while the right earphone will play the next song in your playlist. Finally, long press the left earphone to lower the volume, while the right earphone will increase volume.

The developer, Padmate, said they have partnered with Intel and Qualcomm to build the PaMu Slide. The Bluetooth 5 alone allows lower power consumption and more stable connection.

The PaMu Slide is definitely something worth checking out should you run across it.