In other words

Published September 14, 2019, 12:05 AM

by Charissa Luci-Atienza & Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat



Jullie Y. Daza
Jullie Y. Daza

Known as the lawyer of and for lawyers, former justice secretary Estelito Mendoza said it all when he referred to the Good Conduct Time Allowance law as “good time allowance” over and over again. Invited to enlighten the Senate blue ribbon committee headed by Senator Richard Gordon, a former student, Mr. Mendoza repeated and repeated the phrase, dropping “conduct” in the title of the law, whether as a slip of the tongue, a senior moment, or a deliberate attempt to be witty. I prefer the last, because since his appearance last week, so many new strains of worms have come out of the BuCor can that I, a nonlawyer, can hardly wait to watch Mr. Mendoza at his next lecture.

“Good time” as we use the phrase among us natives refers to entertainment, amusement, pleasant and satisfying experiences, losing our inhibitions in the company of friends and kindred spirits. As we know now after hearing hours of testimony, hardened – and moneyed – prisoners buy themselves a good time behind and beyond bars by bribing their keepers, up to P2 million, for a “hospital pass,” among other privileges.

Who cares about good conduct in jail if one can have a good time? Only one Nicanor Faeldon didn’t have a good time: “It was life in hell.”

The President finally ended speculations about Faeldon’s next destination — there won’t be any, not after the man has earned too many controversies. Was Digong reacting to the joke of the season? When Faeldon was in Customs, shabu in the billions disappeared. When he was head of Bucor, 1,900 convicts disappeared. Appoint him to MMDA and traffic will disappear. (Folks, expect the usual traffic.)

PRRD warned corrupt officials he will drop them into the Pasig to “fatten the fish.” You’ll only pollute the water, sir, there are no piranha there!

Secretary Sal Panelo clarified his boss’ stand on SOGIE (pronounced so-ji, not so-gay): Digong has his own anti-discrimination bill. “Gusto ko happy siya!” he boomed to please the genders, echoing Juan Ponce Enrile’s slogan.

For now, an elderly lady is glad that “Aughost month” has passed.###