Published September 10, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

It all started with long-time friends Meric Mara and Erwin Galang, both IT specialists with a passion for music- Meric as a songwriter and Erwin as a musician and composer. The pair decided to fuse these interests and came up with an app for local musicians to find bookings and events. Fueled by their newfound concept, they contacted Ann Angala- a music and events veteran with 30 years of experience under her belt in organization, PR, and management. She contributed not only her expertise but also ideas for a website, marketplace, and for artists to put up their music onto the site.


Soon after, they called up Patrick Reidenbach- the owner of the legendary Club Dredd- the local watering hole of a crowd of passionate music makers, some of which rose to become the best bands of the 90’s- Eraserheads, Yano, After Image, Sugar Hiccup, Alamid and many many more. Patrick’s hands on experience as bar owner and a moving force of the 90’s music scene added another layer for the project. The latest addition to the team, Niokz Arcega, brings his creative touch and video element to the table, completing the team and forming the core group of WAVVph.


Functioning primarily as a Blockchain based booking app between artists, events and venues; an environment for musicians to showcase their work and make connections; and as an online store to sell merchandise, WAVVph has just officially released its website and app and is ready to hit the scene.


“Music is Life…When fueled with technologies like Blockchain and Big Data, it will grow exponentially and it becomes more lively” -Meric


So are you an aspiring musician?  A manager looking for your next big star? A venue owner looking to spice things up? Or like every one of us- simply a lover of music? Then come and join us as we strive to unite and revamp the Filipino music scene with local artists from all around the country- and even the world. Where music knows no distance or language barriers, let’s ride the wave!


 Let’s WAVV together! Visit wavv.ph for more information.
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