Do more and embrace your heroic side: Find the hero in you this National Heroes’ Day with phones that just keep getting better

Published August 27, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

nokia sans

Commemorating National Heroes’ Day is not only about flag ceremonies and offering flowers at shrines but is something that should be done every day. What more noble way to make the holiday more memorable and meaningful by doing good and participating in advocacies that can help benefit our motherland not just during the holiday but all throughout the year. 

Go local, support local 

Supporting local contributes greatly to the country’s economic growth and global recognition. Patronizing local brands helps local manufacturers and entrepreneurs while igniting the flames of Filipino pride even more. This doesn’t cover only products. One can show support to Philippine industries by appreciating the local art scene, local movies and Original Pilipino Music (OPM). 

With the Nokia 2.2’s Google Lens feature, finding out how to get the best local products has never been so easy. Details on how to buy an item can be obtained simply by pointing the camera lens at the object of interest. You can also point the lens at an album artwork to discover new local music and stream via music services such as Spotify. 

Be a green advocate 

Transforming oneself into an environment advocate need not start with big gestures.  Limiting purchases, going for metal straws and using eco bags for groceries instead of plastic help reduce waste, in particular plastic use. 

Conservation should be the catchword. Consider recycling and buying recycled products. Check if the product you are looking to buy uses recycled materials or supports environmental causes before making a purchase decision. 

nokia sans2

Conserving water and energy is another way to help preserve the environment. Besides cutting shower time, fixing leaking pipes and turning the faucet off while brushing the teeth can go a long way in saving water, especially if everyone joins in. Experts agree that reducing electrical usage will result in less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Switching from regular bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) or LED bulbs, unplugging appliances when not in use and replacing old appliances with energy-saving models are major ways to contribute in reducing electricity usage.  

The Nokia 3.2 can also help you conserve electricity. With a battery that is larger than that in many premium smartphones and is combined with efficient hardware and software ingenuity, the Nokia 3.2 boasts low power consumption and reduces the need for charging. It also has an Adaptive Battery feature introduced in Android 9 Pie that manages background applications using AI, learning from user behaviour to know when to throttle or increase power to specific apps or processes, consistently living up to Nokia mobile’s signature two-day battery life. 

Care more, share more 

Help elevate the quality of life of the less-privileged by being more aware of the issues and challenges they face each day. There are many nongovernment organisations, volunteer groups and civic associations working for the welfare of the different sectors of society, animals and natural resources that need help. This can take the form of participating in construction work for the homeless, leading seminars for community development, joining in the rescue of abused animals, engaging in fundraisers or taking part in tree-planting activities.

Spreading awareness and encouraging others to join these programs can help create a ripple of changes. You can do this by maximising your social media platforms to encourage volunteer work amongst your peers. Share your fulfilling experiences and document some of the activities you enjoyed working on. 

Capture the best smiles on the faces of those you’ve helped with the Nokia 8.1, which punches above its weight with extraordinary imaging achieved by its highly sensitive, industry-leading camera sensor, ZEISS Optics and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). Pair it with a compelling caption with a call to action to inspire your friends and followers to join you in making a difference toward a better world.