Christian group airs apprehensions on SOGIE

Published August 18, 2019, 11:17 AM

by Dr. Eduardo Gonzales

By Leslie Aquino 

Transgender women are invading safe spaces, especially that of women, according to Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life.

It cited as an example of men who insist on relieving themselves in women’s comfort rooms.

“Transgender women claim the right to use a comfort room of their choice. Well, what about the rights of women and girls, who are not safe in such a situation?” the group said in a statement posted on their Facebook page.

“There have been a number of instances in other countries where such men have sexually assaulted women, including young girls, in such comfort rooms,” it further read.

And CFC FFL believes that the space that will be invaded next is the freedom of speech especially with the Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression (SOGIE) bill.

“Tomorrow, the space to be invaded will be our freedom of speech. The SOGIE bill will stifle any critical speech that is perceived to be offensive to transgender women insisting on using women’s comfort rooms. Let us have none of it,” the group said.

“Otherwise, there will be no more safe spaces. There will be no more comfort in comfort rooms,” added the group.

To note, a transgender woman Gretchen Diez was prevented from using a women’s restroom of Farmers Plaza by a janitress, who insisted that she use the men’s restroom.

Due to the incident, a number of groups such as the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) said the SOGIE-sensitive Anti-Discrimination Bill in both the Senate and the House of Representatives should be revisited.