Smart Devices Our Aging Parents Can Use at Home to Ensure Their Safety

Giving our aging parents or senior citizens technology to use can sometimes be frustrating.  They can get excited by it; but then end up not using it in the long run.  However, with proper application, technology can be beneficial when it comes to taking care of them.

Taking care of our elders might be difficult for someone who's always on-the-go or have a busy week leaving the senior member of the house in the care of our kasambahay or nursemaid.

Without having to supervise them by yourself made it more frustrating because you always wanted to be on-hand when taking care of your loved ones.

It's great now that there are smart mobile devices and gadgets that can help aid in keeping the older member of the house safe and secure, even while you're in the next bedroom.

Here are some smart devices that you can keep in the house to help you take good care of them.

Smart Sensors

Even when you're not at home, with this simple smart device, you'll be able to feel secure that seniors in the house have access to alert you in times of emergencies.

Smart home sensors for seniors are tailored-fit to make it easy for the senior to call for help if there’s an emergency. A smart sensor device can also provide a way to track and check ongoing activities or unlikely movements by seniors around the house. It also gives the loved ones a quick indication if the older member in the house made sudden change in his or her habits at home.

Smart Stove Shutoff

smart stove

When you’re aging, there are signs that capabilities in doing certain chores at home makes a little bit of a problem like when we forget to turn off the oven from time to time. Forgetfulness might be potentially dangerous. That’s why we can’t leave our parents alone in the house when they’ve reached the peak of their prime.

The most useful smart tech items for seniors that we can think of, especially for elders who love to cook, is a smart stove shutoff device.

There are a few smart stove shutoff products that can turn the stove off by itself if it’s been left on for too long. The device can also work as a timer (after a certain amount of time, it goes off) or with features like an automatic shutoff that’s triggered when the smoke alarm goes off.

Installing a smart stove shutoff device can keep your loved one’s home safer, even as they continue cooking their favorite foods.

Smart home hub

smart hub

We've already tackled the convenience of having a smart home hub that conveniently connects your smart devices into one the IoT system and perhaps, one of the great advantage of this device is how it teach seniors the ropes of being able to turn a product on and off with a simple voice commands. How it will be more intuitive and useful in locating their misplaced phones, identify the right app and make the change through the app every time they need to use the product.

Smart Watches and Fitness Trackers


Two of the popular smart devices that can easily be bought almost anywhere (ex: malls, online shopping, and e-commerce sites) and have become part of must-haves in lifestyle living. These devices fit all ages and have always been generally used to track steps, heart rate, and many other features.

With these devices, we can easily monitor the well-being and conditions of our senior members in the house and will be able to track their lifestyle patterns as well.

There are many smart watch and fitness tracker device manufacturers out there at this point and there are many different options for you to choose from.

Living with our lolo’s, lola’s, and our aging parents doesn’t need to be stressful. We must learn to enjoy and have fun with them while they’re with us. So, taking good care of them with these simple and handy smart devices can only take less effort to begin with.

In our Philippine environment, family comes first and how wonderful life it is with them with these smart devices for elders in our harmonious smart home.