SERVIO Technologies aims for all-in-one IT Solutions with investments from Mega Global Corp. and Jadel Holdings


67436047_2321407694778572_9190031111974027264_n (1) Michael Tiu, VP for Business Development of Mega Global Corporation; Joey Gurango, Co-Founder of Servio Technologies; and Dra. Taps Mijares-Gurango, Director of Servio Technologies

All Filipino entrepreneurs aim to grow their businesses, especially those who started small. Those who have made it big, on the other hand, don’t stop in their progress.

But businesses, no matter how big or small, are bound to face difficulties along the way. In this day and age, many business’ needs and concerns can be addressed by information technology (IT) products and services. The challenges lie in having enough resources to equip businesses with IT solutions, and more importantly, finding a trusted IT solution provider.

All this can be found in SERVIO Technologies, a newly established Filipino IT solutions company, which specializes in developing innovative and affordable software products and services for Philippine businesses. Its top three offerings are:

  • SERVIO Small Business that sells and supports ANY and ALL cloud-based IT solutions that a small business might need for a subscription fee of just ₱4,950 per month;
  • SERVIO Enterprise that provides digital business solutions for large businesses, such as accounting, HR, payroll, and customer service software that are deployed in the cloud or on-premise, with permanent or subscription licenses; and,
  • SERVIO Digital Protection Service, a cybersecurity service that assesses vulnerabilities, alerts for potential breaches, and assures remedies for damaged digital assets for just ₱250 per device per month.
Recently, SERVIO joined Streetpark Production Inc.’s “The Final Pitch.” Airing on CNN Philippines, the country’s first and only business reality TV show features young Filipino startup founders as they pitch to their successful counterparts as investors. In a recent episode, SERVIO co-founder Bryan Paul Javier pitched to Mega Global Corp.’s CEO William Tiu Lim.

“We want to be able to grow our business in the next three years and this is a critical investment for us. If we are to be successful in our business, we will also be helping a lot of small businesses in the country,” Javier said in his final pitch.

Seeing its potential, Lim offered SERVIO a long-term investment that will help not just small businesses but also larger businesses. Trusting Lim’s experience and expertise, SERVIO co-founder and CEO Joey Gurango accepted the Mega investment, which will be used for new solutions development and acquisition, marketing, and partner channel development. Part of the investment is the inclusion of SERVIO in Mega’s Innovation Hub.

Since “The Final Pitch”, SERVIO has also gained another investment and industrial partner in Jadel Holdings Company Inc. “We really look forward to working with by these partners and learning from them on how we could successfully grow our business,” ended Javier.