Oris: Luxury for a cause

Published July 20, 2019, 7:18 PM

by Jonnah Lynne Pante

Steering away from the common impression that luxury watches are only a reflection of someone’s wealth, Swiss watchmaker Oris puts environment causes behind its intricate pieces, proving that high-end, expensive watches are more than just timeless fashion pieces and a good investment.

A known name for intricately-designed watch pieces for over 115 years, Oris has introduced a number of watch models designed to bring awareness on ocean protection preservation.

This month, the Holstein-based watchmaker has brought in the local shores the Oris Ocean Trilogy comprised of the Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III, Clean Ocean Limited Edition, and the Blue Whale Limited Edition.

Aside from mirroring the company’s call on cleaning the ocean and restoring the coral reefs as well as protecting the whales, the Oris Ocean Trilogy is housed in a case that is made from plastic derived from ocean waste.

Oris has also added the Whale and Dolphin Conservation on its list of non-government partner organizations that share their same goal of preserving marine life.

Amplifying this campaign, Oris recently introduced the Oris Aquis Date Relief — another name on the list of high-performance diver’s watches that are driven by the company’s thrust in educating the public about protection and conservation of the world’s oceans.

Paying homage to its predecessor, the Oris Aquis Date Relief shares the same architecture and performance values with the Oris Aquis Date. Inspired by the color and the feeling of water, the Oris Aquis Date Relief carries elements that remind those who wear it about the beauty of the world’s oceans. Its gray dial with sapphire crystal is reminiscent of stormy seas, while Oris’s signature diving scale numerals are a reflection of the texture of water.

Coming off in four models, each with different straps, the Oris Aquis Date Relief with self-winding Oris 733 movement has a diameter of 43.50 mm, and is water-resistant up to 300 meters.

Along with the launch of the Oris Aquis Date Relief, Oris has named Swiss expedition swimmer Ernst Bromeis as its ambassador. Bromeis, who is also an advocate of ocean preservation and global water awareness, is a fitting addition to Oris’s campaign, as he is off to swim 800 kilometers across Lake Baikal in Russia wearing the Oris Aquis Date Relief.

Know more about the Oris Aquis Date Relief and Oris’s thrust in protecting the world’s oceans at https://www.oris.ch/en/home.