Baguio open to studies on green technologies

Published July 19, 2019, 6:47 PM

by Martin Sadongdong & Antonio Colina

By Zaldy Comanda 

BAGUIO CITY – The city government welcomed offers to conduct studies on introducing new technologies that would address solid and liquid wastes, two of the city’s pressing concerns.

Mayor Benjie Magalong  (FACEBOOK / MANILA BULLETIN)
Mayor Benjie Magalong

Mayor Benjie Magalong gave the go-signal for studies to determine the viability of two technologies: the first from Japanese company Toyo Energy Solution Co. Ltd. for a waste-to-energy system of disposing the city’s daily garbage output of 400 metric tons, and the second from Cebu-based Mactan Rock Industries for processing the city’s wastewater into potable produce.

In a recent meeting, Toyo executives Koichi Ishizaka, Takashi Kanazawa and Yoshimitsu Okada offered to put up a plant that will convert the city’s refuse into electricity, methane gas and solid fuel without the need for segregation (except for toxic or hospital wastes) and incineration.

There would also be no gas emission or thermal combustion in the system and 20 percent of the fuel produced will be used to power the plant and the rest can be sold.

The plant will require a four-hectare lot to process the city’s wastes, 40 percent of which are biodegradable.

Toyo representatives assured that they will go through the required processes like carrying out a feasibility study and securing a Environmental Impact Assessment before the project.

The Japanese experts were accompanied by a representative of President Duterte who endorsed the technology after witnessing its operation during his visit to Japan.

Magalong also allowed members of the Zero Waste Coalition in the city to witness the presentation and scrutinize the project.

Mactan Rock Chief Executive Officer Antonio Tompar last July 8 pitched his technology that will treat the city’s liquid wastes and convert it to drinking water at no cost to the city.

Tompar said the produce will be sold at a lower cost or at the level of non-potable water for household use.

Mactan Rock has put up more than 30 wastewater treatment plants all over the country that are now producing clear water.

Tompar agreed with the mayor’s suggestion for a feasibility study on the expansion of the existing sewerage treatment plant at South Sanitary Camp and on the proposed construction of two new plants, one to be put up at Rock Quarry barangay and the other at the Slaughterhouse Compound on Magsaysay Ave.