Twitter releases new design

By Carmela Martinez

Twitter has released a new design for desktop and it offers features that came from the mobile app.

It is the first time the character cap has been raised since Twitter was founded 11 years ago. (AFP / MANILA BULLETIN) (AFP / MANILA BULLETIN FILE PHOTO)

The new design has a sidebar –previously on top, to the left side of the screen. The trends bar that was on the left side was moved to the right.

It basically has everything but with an added bonus of bookmarks and the explore button.

The bookmarks button is taken from the mobile app.

According to a report by the Verge, the explore button is there to feature more live videos and local trends.

It also has the 'sparkle button' that allows users to switch from seeing the latest to top tweets.

The new design also enables the user to personalize the accent color and the text size aside from a darker dark mode feature.

This design is also mandatory without the option of a twitter legacy button that can allow a user to opt-out of the new design.

According to an article by Wired, the team behind twitter said the change was long overdue.

The interface hasn’t been updated in seven years and the technology was so old it was hard to improve it.

Twitter users gave mixed reactions to the new design...

@Broesoek: Are you actively trying to get me off twitter?

@PeterUrsa: Can I opt out?