Huawei Watch GT surprasses 2M units shipment globally

Originally launched back in October along the release of Mate 20 Pro, the HUAWEI Watch GT has been making noise since. Beautifully designed to make a balanced active lifestyle possible for the Filipino urban explorers, the Huawei Watch GT is one of the most value-packed hybrid wearable technology in the Philippines that comes with two versions – the Active and Elegant. 

Huawei notably has grown 282.2% in the wearable segment in Q1 of 2019, shipping 5 million wearables in the first few months of 2019 compared to 1.3 million during the same time period last year. If you think Huawei is only known for its best of class mobile phones, Huawei recorded a whopping 2M units sold globally on HUAWEI Watch GT alone. The reason of this success? Huawei Watch GT besides its gorgeous looks, has an ultra-long two-week battery life and advanced health monitoring that makes the lives of people so much easier. 

Long-endurance fitness tracker

With WATCH GT, Huawei is taking fitness tracking to a whole new level as its reliability counts more than its claims. The HUAWEI Watch GT Active edition features a two-week ultra-long endurance, smart power saving and dual-engine architecture. Backed up by smart power saving design, it can reduce the power consumption while improving its endurance, thus satisfying the user’s demands for long-time use.

Unique Design Brings Ultimate Experience

The artistic and unique design is always a criterion considered by users in choosing their favored items. Delivering unique bezel options, the Active and Elegant editions of HUAWEI WATCH GT bring users another choice to match different occasions.

HUAWEI WATCH GT brings your busy life and work more imagination and joy. Varieties of editions match all occasions: simple yet great Elegant Edition for shopping, black watch with green bezel for work, and orange Active Edition for workout- all can deliver you ultimate experience. Choose HUAWEI WATCH GT to discover more possibilities!