Angono mayor forms street vigilance network

Published July 11, 2019, 6:06 PM

by Martin Sadongdong & Antonio Colina

By Nel Andrade

ANGONO, Rizal – The town’s first female and the youngest mayor has created a system that will provide the swift reporting of major incidents through the designation of a street leader.

Mayor Jeri Mae Calderon (Municipality of Angono, Rizal FACEBOOK / MANILA BULLETIN)
Mayor Jeri Mae Calderon
(Municipality of Angono, Rizal FACEBOOK / MANILA BULLETIN)

Mayor Jeri Mae Calderon has issued an executive order calling for the organization of a “Callejon System.”

Alan Maniaol, chief of staff at the office of the mayor, told Manila Bulletin that each street leader will act as a coordinator of the street where he or she resides.

The leader will report directly to the mayor’s office every major incident, crimes, or emergencies that happen in the neighborhood.

The name of the system was coined from the Spanish word ‘callejon’ meaning an alley or small street.

In her meeting with the members of the Expanded Municipal Peace and Order Council and Municipal Development Council Meeting held at Biga Court in Barangay San Roque, Calderon stressed her desire to make the residents, especially the children, safe in the streets where they live.

She said the system will enable to make a quick response to any problem or situation that happens in a specific street.

The street leader may either be chosen by the homeowners themselves or may also be picked by the mayor’s office depending on the situation, according to Maniaol.

For residents to quickly respond to emergencies, the mayor is proposing mandatory community-based training of basic rescue and first aid techniques and procedures in every community.

The mayor is the only child of former mayor and now Vice Mayor Gerardo Calderon.