LP welcomes UN draft resolution pressuring Duterte gov’t on killings related to drug war

Published July 5, 2019, 3:15 PM

by Francine Ciasico

By Mario Casayuran 

The Liberal Party (LP), the country’s main opposition political party, welcomed Friday a draft resolution to the United Nations that may add pressure to the Duterte administration that daily killings was not the right antidote to the drug menace.

 Sen. Francis Pangilinan (MANILA BULLETIN FILE PHOTO)
Sen. Francis Pangilinan

Senator Francis N. Pangilinan, LP president, made the move as ‘’the daily killings have not stopped and this government has repeatedly said there will be no let-up in the drug war.’’

‘’We welcome the draft resolution (of Iceland) to the United Nations and we hope it will add pressure from the international community so that the Duterte administration will finally see the light and realize that the daily killings is not the solution to the drug menace, and that it will sooner or later be held to account for at the very least failing to stop the killings,’’ Pangilinan said.

The resolution was drafted by Iceland for submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council. It will contain a comprehensive report on human rights in the Philippines.

There are reportedly 23,000 ‘’deaths under investigation’’ (DUIs) in the Philippines.

Pangilinan also expressed ‘’disgust’’ that ‘’shit happens’’ during anti-illegal drugs campaigns where innocent citizens, including children, are considered ‘’collateral damage.’’

The ‘’shit happens’’ comment was made by neophyte Senator Ronald dela Rosa during a media interview at the Senate last Thursday and immediately drew flak from the Senate minority bloc.

Kinokondena natin ang pagpatay sa 3 taong gulang na batang si Myka Ulpina, pati na rin ang patuloy na araw-araw na patayan ng ating mga kababayan lalo na ang mahihirap,’’ Pangilinan said. (We condemn the killing of three-year-old Myka Ulpina (during a police operation), including the daily drug-related killings, particularly the poor.)

Pangilinan said the drug syndicates and drug lords, including their backers that allowed the smuggling of illegal drugs at the seaports, should be the primary targets.

`’’This administration’s legacy stands on the blood of killed children and parents. Stop the killings. Enforce the Supreme Court decision to release the documents on the drug war, including the report on the more than 23,000 DUIs,’’ he added.

Dela Rosa initially led President Duterte’s bloody drug war.

He dismissed the killing of a toddler in a police anti-narcotics operation with an expletive (shit happens) and as collateral damage.

Dela Rosa made the comments as police burned 1.4 tons (over 3,000 pounds) of seized narcotics while warning the nation still faced a flood of illegal drugs. Police said the three-year-old girl was killed Sunday in a sting operation outside Manila.

Myka’s father, a drug suspect, as well as an undercover police officer, were also shot dead.

“Of course you need to secure everything — no collateral damage. But if you infiltrate, it’s not really possible,” Dela Rosa told Senate reporters.