Maximizing the common ‘e’ in education, employment, and esports

Published July 1, 2019, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

(From left) StackTrek Founder and CEO Billy Yuen, General Manager Florian Groebel, and StackLeague Director Nigel Villanueva.
(From left) StackTrek Founder and CEO Billy Yuen, General Manager Florian Groebel, and StackLeague Director Nigel Villanueva.

StackTrek, a venture-backed global people analytics company with offices in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region, is introducing to the country platforms that will help in uplifting the lives of many Filipinos through education and technology.

“The Philippines is the world’s No.2 in IT outsourcing. However, only 10% of IT graduates get hired while 90% fail,” said serial entrepreneur Billy Yuen, CEO and founder of StackTrek. “So I realized that if the country can achieve that global status with only 10% potential, what if we can unlock the remaining 90% just by improving the quality of education? By doing so, the Philippines can move into the status of being a developed economy.”

Leveraging its expertise and proprietary technologies in assessing, analyzing, and improving a programmer’s capability, StackTrek aims to make every graduating student armed with career-ready IT knowledge. This objective is primarily covered by two of its platforms: StackED for skills assessment and talent improvement among schools and universities, and StackLab for talent acquisition among global tech companies.

Augmenting the adoption of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education in today’s curriculum, StackTrek also supports the teaching of IT skills at high school level at the least. “How many of our jobs in the future need software development as a basic skill? Majority. Even in other fields such as journalism, retail, and business, there will be something that might require programming or data analysis and that will help you in getting a job. People need to learn tech skills while in high school,” Florian Groebel, StackTrek General Manager, remarked.

Another StackTrek platform, StackLeague is the first, free, and largest coding esports competition to be held at the StackLeague Arena Tektite in Pasig City from August 3 to 4 this year. StackLeague aims to create and provide equal opportunities for developers to showcase their skills. StackTrek is inviting participants, partners, and sponsors to express their interest and inquire through the email address [email protected]

“We’re doing all of these not only to help programmers to get education and employment, but also to help them realize their skills. Through StackLeague, we want to create the first and largest esports coding tournament in Manila. Although we started in Iloilo, we are bringing the platform to Manila to create a stepping point toward becoming nationwide,” said Nigel Villanueva, StackLeague Director.

“StackTrek is not a non-profit. We are simply a business, but with a sense of purpose. We are doing something really, really important — something deep and transformative – which requires a broad worldview and an open mind to understand the true impact that we are bringing upon the world,” Yuen added.