Those rebates

Published June 29, 2019, 12:32 AM

by Charissa Luci-Atienza & Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat



Jullie Y. Daza
Jullie Y. Daza

Bibeth Orteza Siguion-Reyna complained that when she got her bill for water service interruption, it was P7,000, with a rebate for P150, the cheapskates!

A BPI banker didn’t know if she should cry for joy or in shame after she was billed P1,500 (in normal times, it was P300), followed by another bill showing a negative P1,000. They owe her P1,000!

My bill, usually between P280 and P320, was down to P55; how was computation done?

Giving credit where praise is due, it was a surprise to find our taps flowing, not just dripping, as Angat’s level dipped to critical levels. Still, we need 13 storms to refill the dam. Right on cue, some politicians are dreaming of establishing a Department of Water, as if the saliva flowing out in copious amounts from Congress could create rain and H20.

Worse than this wet joke is that as the 50-year-old Angat continues to age, no grandchild is being built as yet to serve the National Capital Region. There may be plans for the future, but are there ongoing programs to catch the excess water from overflowing dams, mountains and forests during the coming typhoon season? We owe it to the next generation, whose numbers continue to grow exponentially, to store water falling from heaven and save what nature so lavishly gives us.

The way present plans are going, this is according to what an official of the National Water Resources Bored (they’re so bored they can’t think straight) said in a TV interview: “The Cardona water treatment plant (of Manila Water) is not the remedy.” Now you’re telling us.

That leaves prayer as the last resort. Do we have to keep paying top salaries to the guys in MWSS and NWRB just to watch them pray for rain?

Gabriela Congresswoman Arlene Brosas wants heavier penalties on Manila Water and Maynilad for falling on their job to distribute water, at the same time invoking force majeure, an act of God, for their failure. Her suggestion will gain traction if she calls for MWSS and NWRB to join in the rebates game. Make them pay, in pesos, for failing to anticipate yearly, seasonal, inevitable drought and water shortages. Make them pay, pray like the rest of us. No cash out – aye, there’s the catch. ###