That nirvana-like experience with the Lenovo Yoga S940



Thanks to our friends from Villman, the MBTechNews team got the opportunity as the first in the country to try and review the new Lenovo Yoga S940.

We were so elated with our luck that we've made a promise to our Villman friends to make the Lenovo Yoga S940 as our priority review among other gadgets in the TechLab.

First impression of the Lenovo Yoga S940 is good, due to its premium and professional build. The S940 feels durable and the hinges are solid. The biggest key feature here is its ultra slim factor. You can put it in a folder and it will pass for some random office document.

Pop up the screen and you will find, if you look closely, a notch, with a Lenovo twist into it by going above the screen rather than being on the screen itself. The notorious notch was originally designed to house a smartphone’s camera and all its other sensors and whatnot. The Yoga S940’s notch stays true to that tradition, by having its webcam on that notch. That webcam, I should say, is always watching, ready to unlock your laptop as soon as it identifies your face. Lenovo and Windows are aiming for that seamless experience when using their products. Pair that feature with an SSD, you’ve got one really fast laptop to utilize.

The Yoga S940 also has an impressive screen. The unit we received for review has a 4K screen and it’s almost impossible to peel off our eyes from it. It’s brilliant and an amazing piece of technology we can’t wait to bask ourselves in.

The Yoga S940’s keyboard is great, with sufficient travel time between each keys. Personally though, I felt the keys were too low and lacked those satisfying “clicks” when pressed. But that’s minor nitpicking on my part. Everything I’ve typed using the keyboard has been a great experience so far.

It ships out with three type C ports. One for the charger and two for other devices. There is a headphone jack and that’s a big win for us in our book. Even without the headphone jack, the Yoga S940 features two incredible Dolby Atmos speakers.

This Yoga laptop isn’t exactly light. Lenovo has always pride itself that their machines are durable and reliable, especially their ThinkPad lineups.  And that’s what Lenovo is pointing at with the Yoga S940. If I were to nitpick a little bit more, the screen itself is not touch screen. This extends to the S940 being not able to fold into multiple forms, which I find strange for a laptop series named after “Yoga.” Push those thoughts aside, the Yoga S940 is a laptop worthy of attention.

The touch pad is well-built. It’s not flimsy and you don’t end up accidentally clicking the right button when you’re actually hitting the left.

Should the4 Lenovo Yoga S940 become available in the market, we expect it to appear first in Villman.